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Good Quotes

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Good quotes by Leia Phillips.

  • There is no joy in separation.

  • LOVE teaches forgiveness.

  • LOVE made my heart wait.

  • LOVE keeps me hoping.

  • LOVE keeps thinking me about the words you spoke to me.

  • LOVE keeps growing in my heart... It is filling to overflowing.

  • LOVE felt me and let me know he was still there.

  • LOVE confesses I LOVE YOU.

  • LOVE is in my house today right next to me. The depth of our love is deeper than the miles between us.

  • LOVE does not hear words. LOVE feels the heart.

  • I can hear your heart speak to me through the airwaves. I can feel your heart from across the ocean. My heart feels your heart more each day.

  • LOVE says we are finding our way through the pain.

  • I learned that we can dream and create a spectacular life no matter what lessons the soul must learn.

  • LOVE says listen to the words that are not said.

  • LOVE never stops loving.

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