Hotel Jacuzzi
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Hotel Jacuzzi

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This is the story of one of friend's birthday who always loved to relax at a hotel Jacuzzi:

I got married to a man I love very much. We love each other. Our life has been full happiness and romance.

One day, my birthday came. However, my husband Joe was busy with work. In fact, he came home late at night that day and - because he was tired - went directly to bed.

Now, I was a bit upset. I hoped that the next day at least he would say, "Happy birthday, honey."

He didn't.

He woke up. Got dressed quickly and left to work, even earlier than usual. He said he had a business breakfast.

He didn't come back until almost the same time as the day before... and did the same thing: went to bed without a word.

I started to get more irritated.

The next day nothing changed... except for one thing.

Before falling asleep, he said, "Dear, I have a surprise for you tomorrow."

"Wow! Finally! What's it?"

"It's a surprise. Just don't eat breakfast until I come home."

And he said noting more.

The next day, he woke up and went to work, and said he would come back early.

He came very early. He kissed me and said, "Dear, I booked us a hotel suite for a whole week."

"Really! Which hotel?"

"No. It's part of the surprise."

I was very excited.

He took me to that hotel. It was a brand new hotel in the city, really luxurious...

Here is the living room:

hotel, jucuzzi-living-room

And here is the bedroom:


This is the bathroom:


The bathroom has a charming Jacuzzi tub. Here is a photo of the hotel Jacuzzi:

"Dear Lord! I love Jacuzzi. Hotels are fantastic!" she said.

We were so hungry, so we didn't take a bath in the hotel Jacuzzi immediately. The hotel breakfast was waiting for us.

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