I Love You Poem
The way love can feel to others and you!

I Love You Poem

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I love you poem, feel alone, all night, you love, roses

You one day find Mr. Right, then he found Mrs. Right,
But you felt all alone as they strolled together all night.

But you feel for them and you know they feel for you,
But soon they will come to you.
As now you have that feeling and so do they.
You will know when its your turn to be true.

Tell them and they shall tell you,
But in the end you know they love you and you love them.

One guy one lady,
One girl one boy.
One man one woman,
And all shall fall.

The romance can break friendship but friendship can always be repaired - unlike love once all is lost, it's lost forever.

As it may not be such a poem like feature, but this has a lot of meaning some people feel and sense more than most would or should.

Love is great and powerful, but not 24/7. Be careful what's said, wished for and done as it can break most you shall have in life.


Lorza Worza xox

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