James Stoudamire's
At First Sight

James Stoudamire

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James Stoudamire is a talented and witty gentleman from Atlanta, USA. His poems are smooth and touching. Please enjoy his poems below!

At First Site
By James Stoudamire

    The day started like any other day;
    There was no warning,
    Not even a clue.
    Little things at the time now are ever so vivid.
    I sit silently now as I review in awe and pleasure everything
      that happened that day.

    There I was laughing without a care in the world.
    There I was sitting waiting on a dear friend when all of a
      sudden... There she was.

    At First Site... I thought I was dreaming.

    At First Site... I heard in the distance my friends say, "close
      your mouth."

    At First Site... I could see into the future of this beautiful
      creation the bond that would last throughout eternity.

    At First Site... I began to think about what type of husband and
      father I would make.

    At First Site... I found myself awestruck like in "Paradise
      Lost" when Satan beholds Eve for the first time and realizes how ugly he really is and thinks she must be a new god because of her awesome totally consuming beauty.

    Finally, out of this beautiful divine looking woman came a voice
      which still floods and haunts my ears' memory.

    The beauty of her voice,
    The tilt of her head,
    The nape of her neck,
    Those huntingly gentle but powerful eyes
      that yet were totally defenseless as well as alluringly enchanting.

    She spoke my name.
    Did her lips actually move?
    Is it possible that I could actually hear her without her

    She spoke my name again
    I had never heard my name like this.
    I have never heard anyone else say it quite the same even

    My heart had melted and become one with hers before I even
      knew it.

    At First Site... I didn't know I already belonged to her

    At First Site... She didn't know she belonged to me

    At First Site... We both acknowledged in our secret heart that
      we would always be together.

    Even now when I wake 55 years later quite early in the
      morning next to her it's like the first day I saw her...

    At First Site.

Thank you James Stoudamire for this touching poem.

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