There and Here Again
Love Poem

Love Poem

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There and here again I look at you,
Wondering far and distant how I could reach you.
But deep inside, words just won’t come out;
Deep inside, how I wish I could open my mouth.

Telling you some things, that I won't regret;
Telling you what I really felt;
Telling the world, that I fell;
Fell so deep, just because of your smile.

Stupidity is part of what I am,
And yet I repeat it over and over again.
Maybe it's because when I’m around you,
I am not who I am.

Time will tell, when I will open up,
And finally see what lies ahead.
Maybe it is meant to be, and maybe it's not,
But whatever it is, my feelings will never fade.

By Fatality, from Low Yat Net Forum =)

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