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Love Quotes

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love quotes, listening to your heart, keeping your heart open, waiting for me to play, depth of YOUR SOUL

Here are more love quotes by Leia Phillips:

  • LOVE is my reason for living.

  • LOVE is about GIVING more than you TAKE.

  • When LOVE knocks on the it for GOD!

  • Love is listening to your heart... following it… then looking back and saying "WELL DONE."

  • LOVE is forgiveness.

  • LOVE is LOL... that would be Loving Out Loud.

  • LOVE is listening to your heart.

  • LOVE is keeping your heart open.

  • How can you LOVE ANOTHER if you do not LOVE YOU.

  • LOVE is all about looking within for answers.

  • LOVE is sweet.

  • LOVE is smiling and laughing and laughing...

  • LOVE is speaking your heart when your BRAIN says something different.

  • LOVE keeps unfolding the more you get.

  • LOVE keeps me learning and growing and giving.

  • LOVE is the butterfly in the garden waiting for me to play.

  • LOVE keeps opening my heart to show me WHO I AM.

  • LOVE keeps opening your heart to reveal the depth of YOUR SOUL.

  • LOVE is just being!

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