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Love Sayings

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Enjoy the following love sayings, which where submitted by Leia Phillips:

  • When I LOVE someone... I really LOVE them. LOVE has nothing to do with anything but LOVE. My LOVE is as big as the UNIVERSE. LOVE is big.

  • Love is the greatest gift that can be given.

  • When LOVE shows at your door, say thank you LOVE for finding me.

  • You learn to love by saying the word...


  • LOVE is the heavenly realm.

  • I still like running from LOVE... It makes me weak.

  • LOVE keeps me forgiving.

  • LOVE is forgiving self... and those who can't love you.

  • LOVE is never judging others.

  • LOVE is accepting the challenge that the UNIVERSE presents.

  • LOVE is gratitude for everything.

  • LOVE keeps me loving.

  • LOVE has no conditions.

  • LOVE has no expectations.

  • When we give love, we begin to love more.

  • When I see you... I always see LOVE.

  • You can only love if YOU ARE LOVE.

  • LOVE heals everything.

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