Quote Romantic Life

Quote Romantic Life

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quote romantic, daughter, I am blessed, THANK YOU, your dreams

Each saying below will quote romantic lives, quote romantic relationships, and in some cases quote child innocence. These quotes were contributed by Leia Phillips:

  • I keep dreaming of LOVE just the way I WANT IT and DESERVE IT... I always think about love... Can you tell?... Miss Lovechild of the world.

  • LOVE is a daughter who has a heart of gold... Rosegold!

  • I think the love I feel deserves a book called LOVE... He is the inspiration for the love I feel... the love I see... the LOVE I NEED.

  • LOVE makes me say and do things I would never dream of... in a million years.

  • LOVE does not fool.

  • LOVE has to be evaluated at times... so you see what you may be missing... looking at SELF in a relationship is KEY to keeping LOVE real.

  • I LOVE... it makes me happy!

  • LOVE is always knocking at your door. LISTEN and learn.

  • LOVE is setting goals... creating your dreams... setting intentions!

  • Seek within for the answers to LOVE.

  • Within are the answers... Your Mama doesn't have them... Your Daddy doesn't have them... Your BFF doesn't have them... ONLY YOU KNOW YOUR ANSWERS.

  • LOVE keeps me prisoner.

  • Learning to LOVE ME has been very hard... It has taken a lot of work.

  • LOVE keeps me looking at SELF saying THANK YOU GOD FOR LOVING ME.

  • When LOVE came to my door and I thought I already had love... It turned out that I had not learned the meaning. Now that I have... I am blessed.

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