Relationship Quotes

Relationship Quotes

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Please enjoy these relationship quotes by Leia Phillips.

  • LOVE is knowing that someone saw your heart and loved you deeply.

  • LOVE is a day without heartbreak!

  • LOVE says I forgive you.

  • LOVE says maybe I was wrong.

  • Sickness comes from separation.

  • LOVE has nothing to do with receiving LOVE... It has something to do with BEING LOVE. When you are LOVE, it doesn't matter if you get it back.

  • Seek TRUTH as the goal in any relationship.

  • LOVE is knowing that you had something with someone that no human can touch!


  • LOVE is knowing that LOVE is the only answer... ALWAYS!

  • I am confessing that I love you! I am confessing that I need you. Do you love me? Do you need me, too?

  • LOVE allows the heart to feel. LOVE allows the heart to grow. LOVE allows the heart to confess that I need you. LOVE needs LOVE.

  • You cannot tell love to go away if it is true.

  • LOVE is loving... not judging.

  • LOVE makes me do very silly things.

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