Romantic Quotes

Romantic Quotes

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Romantic quotes by Leia Phillips:

  • LOVE is all around you... Do you see it? Do you feel it? Do you touch it? Do you sing it? LOVE is the song that touches your heart.

  • LOVE is the only thing that is not an illusion.

  • All my life I had dreams of love... They were almost a romantic delusion but now I find myself in the middle of a romantic delusion... LOVE.

  • LOVE makes me do... just for you.

  • Each time I saw him smiling at me, I felt love... Real true love... like a friend who knows you deep within your soul.

  • The only person who knows your answers is YOU... no healer no mystic no guru -- nobody but YOU.

  • LOVE is thinking about choices... looking deep within and finding ANSWERS within YOUR SOUL... listening to YOUR HEART.

  • LOVE is knowing there is someone somewhere who thinks you are his sunshine.

  • LOVE is loving me first, so I have more LOVE to GIVE..

  • At my house, we speak the language of love... If you come to my house, the buttons get pushed if you are afraid to let go... and let love.

  • LOVE makes me happy. LOVE makes me smile. LOVE makes me joyous. LOVE makes me silly. LOVE makes me giggle. LOVE makes me dream. LOVE LOVE.

  • LOVE has taught me that each moment is precious.

  • LEARN TO LOVE YOU ---------> and everything else falls into place.

  • LOVE is around us... It is the birds chirping, the cars moving, the wind blowing, the doorbell ringing, the children playing. Love is everything!

  • I hope you enjoy these romantic quotes.

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