Romantic Sayings

Romantic Sayings

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The following are romantic sayings submitted by Leia Phillips:

  • LOVE says I AM SORRY when you hurt someone.

  • When we love animals, we truly learn the meaning of unconditional love. LOVE is all there is when you have an animal who wins your heart.

  • LOVE is facing YOU.

  • LOVE keeps coming to my door reminding me that the POWER OF LOVE does not keep SCORE.

  • LOVE is the UNIVERSE showing up to SUPPORT my every need.

  • LOVE keeps me being the best I can be.

  • LOVE is me. LOVE is you. LOVE is everyone.

  • LOVE keeps my heart open.

  • LOVE is following your HEART not your MIND.

  • LOVE keeps me dreaming.

  • When LOVE shows up for real, everything comes up to be healed. You cannot run from LOVE... It is LOVE and it HEALS.

  • LOVE keeps unfolding all around me.

  • LOVE keeps on loving no matter what.

  • LOVE steps UP and says HOW HIGH.

  • LOVE is love no matter what you call it.

  • I do not know how to love someone and forget them... My love is forever!

  • I fell asleep dreaming... when I awakened, I felt so loved that I wanted to drift back to sleep so I could stay in the moment...

  • LOVE is learning everything that makes you tick... Did you hear me? EVERY LITTLE THING.

  • The more LIGHT AND LOVE you have the MORE LUMINOUS your CELLS become.


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