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romantic SMS, My blessing, LOVE is a feeling, LOVE is possible, can't HATE

Romantic sms by Leia Phillips:

  • When you LOVE, you can't HATE.

  • LOVE is the marathon of a lifetime.

  • LOVE keeps me deliriously happy!

  • LOVE is a vibration... not a word.

  • LOVE keeps reminding me of how much LOVE is possible.

  • LOVE has no boundaries.

  • Do not fear LOVE.

  • LOVE is all about allowing LOVE. If you look for love, you won't find it. LOVE waits to find you. LOVE found me and set me free.

  • My blessing in life is that I listened to my heart and I learned and am learning LOVE in ways that I could have never imagined.

  • LOVE is not a boyfriend, a husband, sex or romance. LOVE is a feeling.

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