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Isn't it nice to surprise your sweetheart with a birthday gift?

And isn't it sweet to hear the WOW as they look at the gift?

Isn't it even sweeter to give it to them way before their birthday, not knowing that it IS their birthday gift, and they don't realize that until their birthday?

This romantic story happened on my first birthday during my engagement:

My fiancé visited me one day. It was more than two weeks before my birthday. He told me that he had "something" for a "friend" of his. He wanted me to keep that "thing" somewhere safe for sometime.

He refused to tell me what that "thing" was or who it belonged to.

The next time he visited me, he brought it. It was a wrapped box. (Of course, I didn't suspect anything because my birthday was two weeks or more ahead.)

I tried to decline because there were kids in the house and they may find it and damage it or something like that, but he insisted & suggested some places to hide it from them, like under the bed...

To make things even worse, he told me to hold it carefully in order not to spill it!

"Heck, what is it?" I asked. "Is there water inside??"

He didn't give me a definite answer, "Well, it's, you know.. uh .. yes, sort of.. well, not exactly. It's somewhat like mercury and water.. but never mind. Just keep it safe under your bed and I take it'll when it's time."

God! This distracted me from thinking about what it was, and made me just focus on how to keep it safe.

Day after day passed, and he kept checking how things were going with that "thing."

One day he sent me an SMS asking me to OPEN the "thing!"

I replied saying that I was still at work and I'd open it once I arrived home.

When I got home, I found the surprise.

It was a golden ring with a happy birthday card! And the reason why he wanted me to hold it carefully was that the ring may fall down from its place and then it would make some noise if I shook the box.

The moral of this romantic story: One way to surprise your sweetheart is to give them the gift wrapped in advance and ask them to keep it, of course without letting them know what it is or that it is their birthday gift.

This is only one way, so you need to be creative!

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