Romantic Things to Say

Romantic things to say

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And here is more romantic things to say contributed by Leia Phillips:

  • LOVE is the reason we wake up in the morning.

  • LOVE is a morning of laughter.

  • Love is an art class at castle in the air.

  • Is there someone you need to forgive because they hurt you? The truth is nobody can hurt you. It is how you respond that hurts you.

  • LOVE does not have to be a mind fantasy.

  • LOVE keeps me dreaming.

  • I want ONLY LOVE in my LIFE.

  • I LOVE... What do you do?

  • LOVE is learning to feel.

  • LOVE is trusting that everything has PURPOSE.

  • LOVE says forgive me when you hurt someone.

  • LOVE keeps me asking for forgiveness for anything mistakenly created.

  • LOVE is letting go. LOVE is letting LOVE.

  • Don't get so busy & forget LOVE... Without love, things get confusing.

  • LOVE is why my heart sings.

  • LOVE is what makes life worth living.

  • LOVE is being grateful for every little lesson you learn... especially those that hurt the most.

  • LOVE is my purpose. LIGHT is my power.

  • Dear God,
    Only YOU and I know the troubles I have seen.
    Only YOU have wiped my tears.
    Only YOU have taught me love.
    Only YOU! Thanks!

  • LOVE is what makes you...

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