Romantic Words

Romantic Words

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romantic words, run and hide, butterfly, happier, forget my life

Here is some of the best romantic words submitted to my website by Leia Phillips:

  • LOVE is buckets of tears and friends who have ears!

  • LOVE is total transformation.

  • LOVE says here I AM.

  • LOVE is saying I did not mean to cause you any pain. LOVE heals pain.

  • LOVE jumps off into unknowingness and enjoys the freefall.

  • When LOVE comes to the door, open it wide... and do not run and hide.


  • LOVE is all about HONESTY.

  • LOVE is overcoming OBSTACLES.

  • Love is the butterfly wondering HOW DO I SOAR?

  • LOVE is the butterfly waiting for her first flight.

  • LOVE makes me want to RUN AWAY with love... forget the phones... forget the deadlines... forget everything and LOVE with ABANDON.

  • What does love have to do with it?... Everything!

  • LOVE is making me happier than I ever known... that is saying something.

  • LOVE makes me want to go on a HOLIDAY to forget my life for a while.

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