Sexy Poems

Sexy Poems

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One of the main purposes of sexy poems, in addition to expressing emotions, is describing sexual fantasies. For example, a guy may fantasize about what he would do if his girl - who is far away - comes back:
    I wish you with me everyday,
    To chat, laugh & play.

    I wish you with me at night,
    To kiss, hug & bite.

    I wish you with me in bed,
    To pat & blow my lower head.

Or he may fantasize about having a girlfriend:

    If I had a girlfriend,
    My love story wouldn't end.

    I'd flirt with her all day long,
    Holding her hands, sniffing her thong.

    At night, I'd gaze at her eyes,
    Teasing her rear, grabbing her thighs.

Women also have fantasies. A woman can also fantasize her man returning & making love to her:

    I hope he will soon be back to me,
    For a reunion in my humble abode.

    To eagerly lick & suck his lovely shaft,
    And, on my face, splash his load.

    I hope he will remember my love,
    And my back which every night he rode.

A sexy poem does not have to be nostalgic anyway. It can also have a cheerful tone. A man can flirt with her woman this way:

    Show me your graceful body;
    Show it to this lovely bro.

    With your cleavage make him stiffy,
    To finally meet your camel toe.

Similarly, a girl can also flirt with her guy by showing her desire to have wild sex with him.

    Bite my nipples; spank my butt,
    Don't ask why; don't ask what.

    Strip my bra; strip my skirt,
    And let's make love; let me squirt.

    Spread my legs; grab my breast,
    Be the man... I'm under arrest.

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