She brings me to my knees

by Lee Ackley

My BabyGirl

Rachael Jacks, shes my baby
Only god knows how many times shes saved me.

Shes the only one who can bring me to my knees
For her I would swim the seven seas.

I will love her till the day I die
She has always stuck by my side.

She deserves nothing but the best
But yet she chooses me over all the rest.

She doesn’t care about my past
No matter how vast.

I cant remember how many times shes saved my life
Sometimes I even wonder if she would be my wife.

I have put her through complete and total hell
Along time ago she should have bailed.

Shes the best thing in my life
Shes the reason I put down that knife.

I would give my life for her
And of that my friends I am sure.

I love her more than life itself
She has the softest lips I have ever felt.

I love her more than anything in this world
And forever & always she will remain my babygirl!!!!


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