Short Cute Love Poems

Short cute love poems

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Another addition to this collection of short cute love poems is a nice poem submitted by SPARTICUSIAN, Sydney, Australia:

short cute love poems, blue flower, beautiful, caring lady, pure


    I hath but met an ANGEL twas a very special day,
    A beautiful caring lady I am compelled to say,
    A soul so pure tis filling my empty heart with love,
    A soul most I am sure has come from high above.

    Nought can compare as two souls embrace,
    As two souls in love closely, face to face.

    So tis thy only dream now, one day it comes to pass,
    That yes my love soon, we can embrace at last.
    For dreams are all I have now my heart doth beat alone,
    My love for you yes princess becometh thy home.

    To a real PRINCESS CHANTY,

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