Short Friendship Poems
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Short Friendship Poems

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Why not send short friendship poems to your friends from time to time?

Don't they deserve it?

Being busy is no excuse. Imagine yourself in this situation:

You become very busy for some time. You totally forget about your friend for months & months. You don't even send them a nice email or SMS. And one day you need their help in something! Your car doesn't start & you need to get to work, you have a problem & want somebody to talk to, or you need some assistance financial or otherwise...

You pick up the phone and before dialing their number, you think to yourself, "How should I start the conversation? How do I tell her/him that I'd been so busy with 'other' things that I didn't have time to say HELLO?"


Be farsighted. Start from now.

You know what's best. Short friendship poems can be a very convenient way to communicate with your friends.

First, you can simply explain yourself. Tell her/him that you've been really busy, but although you're busy, you still remember them:

    meet, often, chat, friendship poems

    We no longer meet often, I know..
    Or chat & laugh, as we did years ago.

    Not because I don't miss you,
    Nor that my feelings untrue.

    Life hardships kept me away.
    Still, I recall you first everyday.

Also, you can inform them about how you miss them:

    I missed you, friendship, friendship poems, friendly poem, I may die

    Yesterday I missed you,
    And today I also do.

    But tomorrow I may die,
    And then, it's no use to rue.

Friendship poems can also describe the first day you both met:

    first day, mistake, regret, friend poem, friend

    Spending the first day with you,
    Made me regret one mistake.

    It's not spending my whole life with you,
    From the beginning, venting my ache.

Or describe the first moments:

    that moment, make me happy, trust, love, friends

    I still recall that moment,
    When you & I first met.

    That's when our souls became one,
    Where I find respite when I'm upset.

    Someone to make me happy,
    Someone to trust with no regret.

Moreover, a short friendship poem can emphasize that valuing a person isn't because others do, but because they really deserve it:

    high esteem, you deserve it, always do, lovely, friendly

    I highly esteem you,
    And I will always do.

    Not because everyone does.
    You deserve it, and you always do.

As you can see, short friendship poems come be in a variety of themes. Choose the theme that you think is best for you situation & send it to your friends. Don't wait until it's too late!

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