Short Funny Poems

Short Funny Poems

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Sharing short funny poems with friends can put smiles back on sad faces. If one of your friends is going through a problem, try to find the right time to cheer them up. Also try to find the best words to say.

However, please do use this type of poems with discretion.

Short funny love poems are poems that seem romantic, but then it turns out that they are not. For example:

    My eyes are full of tears
    that they can no more see.

    I wish you were here,
    To chop these onions for me.

Short funny love poems can take a financial twist, and show that although you love the addressee, you are still not willing to spend money on them.

    If you feel cold,
    I can warm you up.

    If you are sad,
    I can cheer you up.

    If you're hungry,
    We can share an egg cup.

    But if you need money,
    Sorry, I have to shut up!

Funny romantic poems can also be about financial matters, but in a different way. You start flirting with them, until it finally appears that your goal is to borrow some money.

    You're my love & angel;
    You're my sugar and honey.

    You're my jewel & treasure;
    I'm broke & in need of money.

Short funny poems can also "appear" romantic, but to turn out the opposite:

    Whenever I see your eyes,
    There's something that I feel:

    You look so sleepy,
    as a bear after a meal.

And here is another example:

    If I were to choose
    Between death and leaving you,

    I'd certainly choose leaving you.
    Death is no joke, say adieu.

Also, short funny poems can again start romantically, but then turn out not. This guy is telling his sweetheart that he is awake all night, but sh tells him that he knows that this is not for their love. It's simply because he sleeps all day!

    I said to her I never sleep at night.
    I just stay up, think and gaze at the moon.

    She said, "How romantic,
    To also sleep all morning & afternoon."

In another funny poem, it first appears that the speaker is in love with the addressed - which makes them weak - just to turn out that the weak feeling has another reason.

    When you sit next to me,
    I lose all my power.

    When you talk to me,
    I start falling from a tower.

    Please, have mercy on me
    And go take a shower.

Short funny poems can also describe ironic themes. For example, you want to see your lover's face, although their face is cold:

    Despite the snow, despite the ice,
    Just to see you, I'll pay any price.

    Despite all the warmth in my place,
    I still long to see your cold face.

One witty theme is to send a flirting poem about a close "reunion." Then, you show that the sender is not you.

    It's just a matter of time,
    Before you & I finally meet.

    You'll soon come to me,
    Sit on my lap, and cover the sheet.

    Sender: Your Coffin

Finally, a poems can seem comforting, but it is in fact sarcastic:

    Don't cry for a little problem,
    Or the loss of your beloved ones.

    But do cry for toilet paper,
    When you travel and get the runs.

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