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Short Love Poems

Short Love Poems

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Don't you love to read some short love poems?

Isn't the feeling great when you have those fast heartbeats filled with emotions?

Of course it is!

Here, you'll find some of the best love poems. Read, enjoy & share them with
those you love:


    You go to bed & sleep tight,
    But I'm sleepless every night.

    Your image before my eyes,
    My tears I cannot fight.

    I love her, I say it & cry,
    And stay sleepless every night.

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At First Site
The day started like any other day; there was no warning, not even a clue...

I hath but met an ANGEL twas a very special day. A beautiful caring lady I am compelled to say.

The way love can feel to others and you!
You one day find Mr. Right, then he found Mrs. Right, but you felt all alone as they strolled together all night.

True Feelings
When I said I loved you first I meant it, so when I see a lantern lit...

There and Here Again
There and here again I look at you, Wondering far and distant how I could reach you.

    Last night she was here,
    Topless & dancing on the floor.

    She was like an angel, or a mermaid,
    From those days of yore.

    I couldn't help but feel her marvels,
    And the rear that I surely adore.

    The love we made was godly,
    That no earthly money could pay for.

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