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SMS Collection, more love, my POWER, bangs on the door, LOVE is forever

A nice sms collection by Leia Phillips:

  • LOVE is giving LOVE away to everyone you pass on the street.

  • LOVE is not thinking you are more than you are.

  • LOVE keeps your heart open... and it keeps opening and opening.

  • LOVE is knowing that hurt can be a part of LOVE that helps you grow into more love.

  • Telling me not to LOVE would be like telling the SUN not to shine.

  • LOVE wants you to speak your heart.

  • LOVE is standing next to me but LOVE is thousands of miles away.

  • LOVE is not pain and hurt.

  • LOVE is speaking TRUTH.

  • I speak TRUTH... I found my POWER.

  • LOVE is listening and following your heart.

  • I accept the TRUTH of who I AM.

  • LOVE bangs bangs on the door. OPEN the door and reveal the LOVE.

  • LOVE is forever. LOVE does not LOVE one day and then leave the next.

  • LOVE looks you in the eye and says YOU ARE LOVE.

  • LOVE is the reason we came to EARTH!

  • Dreaming dreams of you and me laughing and loving. LOVE is dreaming of laughing and loving.

  • LOVE is the answer to LIFE'S LESSONS ALWAYS!


  • LOVE is letting go of your mind... and saying HELLO to your HEART!!!

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