Surprise Party

Surprise Party

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A friend of mine told me the following story:

His brother was turning 60. He owns a big restaurant. His wife and some friends decided to make a surprising and memorable birthday party for him.

After long negotiations, they came up with a plan.

On his birthday night, his wife phoned him and said, "Come to the restaurant NOW! It's ON FIRE!!"

It was almost midnight. He rushed to his car. And drove like a maniac until he reached the restaurant.

All the lights were off. His wife was waiting for him outside.

He got out of the car and came up running to her. "What happened? Where's the fire??" he said, gasping.

"You have to go inside to find out," she replied.

He went in. It was dark and quiet.

He turned the lights on... and there was the large hall filled up with all of his friends... and they all started saying:


He was stunned, speechless.

His friends started giving him their gifts one by one.

The moral of this romantic story: Plan a surprise party to your sweetheart. Talk with his/her friends. Work together on a well-panned surprise party. Though you don't have to scare him with a fire, of course LOL.

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