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Sweet love SMS, BEAUTIFUL THING, never felt LOVE, LOVE is the answer, LOVE is the essence

Sweet love sms by Leia Phillips:

  • LOVE breaks the rules... all of them!

  • LOVE is all the good and all the bad... and finding LOVE in it all.

  • If your mirror is not seeing LOVE, then maybe you need to clean it.

  • LOVE speaks their heart... no matter how afraid you may be.

  • Some of us learn LOVE after learning lessons through pain, that is a BEAUTIFUL THING.

  • LOVE keeps me keeping on.

  • LOVE with no agenda.

  • LOVE those who have never felt LOVE.

  • LOVE those who are unlovable.

  • LOVE is the answer.

  • If you are not seeing LOVE, you have work to do.

  • LOVE is our only purpose... so get to it.

  • LOVE is keeping your heart open when you want to hide it.

  • LOVE is the force.

  • LOVE is the essence.

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